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With most articles clicking a page will open it full size for more comfortable reading. Co-authored means my data was used in the preparation of the paper only (however I still have ownership in the in intellectual content).  For papers with copyrights owned by the journal please email me for a copy of the article, I am more than happy to share.

General Articles

Stardate 2011, Journal of the Auckalnd Astronomical Society, Feb 2011

Wheel Barrows and Telescopes, Journal of the Auckland Astronomical Society, Nov 2010

 A Visit to a Chinese Observatory, Auckland Astronomical Society Journal Feb 09

Dealing with Light Pollution, Auckland Astronomical Society Journal, Sep 09

Science Papers

A New Eclipsing Binary Star in Sagittarius, Southern Stars Vol 54 Number 3

The Death Spiral of T Pyxidis, arXiv:1303.0736, 4 March 2013 (Co-authored)

Measures of Selected NZO Double Stars, Southern Stars, Vol 49 Number 2

Confirmation of 1RXS J165443.5–191620 as an intermediate polar and its orbital and spin periods, A&A, Vol 530, June 2011 (Co-authored)

SDSS J162520.29+120308.7 – a new SU UMa star in the period gap – A&A Vol 532, August 2011 (Co-authored)

8.6 Hour Period in XMMU J115113.3-623730,, 6 Aug 2010 (Co-authored)